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I asked Ei, director of CITERA, for information and Hudson seemed an interesting place.

Picking up on what The New York Times and Vogue said, I was itching to go after scouring for more details, so I went.

So, about two hours from Manhattan, the town is a place where creatives who no longer need to be in Brooklyn move to.

Although, the atmosphere is still relaxed and carefree. There’s hardly anyone there (laugh). There are a lot of antique shops and restaurants are on the up as well. However there are only a few places available to stay at from January to March.

Oh well, maybe the place feels like it is just beginning to blossom. After all, it Brooklyn quite a while as well.

I would like to introduce the place since it was full of good hotels and bakeries. Of course, a visit to Dia:Beacon on the way to Manhattan is a must.