Kameda Seika’s Tokamachi-produced Uonuma ‘Koshihikari’ rice


Asakusa’s ‘Sumida-ya’ is rice I use exclusively at home.
I buy original rice sold over the counter without the fancy packing. Now and again, it’s blended with a good brand of rice. Instead of giving a thorough wash beforehand, it simply needs a careful rinse of surface dirt, and i’s really delicious when cooked normally with a rice cooker.
After ‘Sumida-ya’, I continue on to ‘Kamejū’ and buy dorayaki (read bean pancake). Although fun they’ve been impossible of late to buy because of tourists queuing.
A friend once gave me rice from Kameda Seika. As in, Kameda senbei (rice crackers). Well, since they make senbei I thought they must be able to handle a lot of rice. Eating it proved extremely delicious.
Although I didn’t enjoy ‘Koshihikari’ that much.
This tool also washes rice using the ‘Sumida-ya’ method. When new rice is produced every year it goes on sale while stocks last. Luckily I made a second order this time. Wonder if I can order again …


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