The essence of Undercover’s new menswear line, ‘The Shepherd Undercover’ is in the detail.

The Shepherd Undercover is the new menswear line from Undercover that began from the 2016 autumn/winter season. The line bearing the name of Shephard, designer Takahashi made “clothes I would wear now” which will apparently be released from time to time and not by season.

In contrast to Undercover being strong avant-garde design he continues to unveil in Paris, the design and decoration of The Shepherd is a stripped-down and simple with basic items at the heart of the line-up. That said, it is not just simple and basic of course. Its essence is in the detail. The attitude of undercover should be recognized throughout by the material and details of each item.

Photo, Osamu Matsuo | Edit & Text, Issey Enomoto


01: Jacket


A cotton linen three button jacket has been decorated throughout with shearing. Shirt fabric has been used for lining, in addition to The Shepherd being casually embroidered on part the cuffs, the William Blake poem “the Shepherd” is printing on part of the inside pocket. Both side of the vents have been turned into button fasteners, with concealed fasteners casually arranged on the torso side. The chest contains the sheep embroidery emblem.

Jacket, ¥85,000 (The Shepard Undercover / UNDERCOVER) 


02: Long Jacket


A long ‘herringbone’ jacket. It is hard to tell from a distance but the detail work shines through with seam allowance at the back having been pulled out and revealed, stitching triple-stitched, ends being rough-hewn and casually decorated throughout. Also worth mentioning is the colour scheme of the inside pocket daringly changing elsewhere. It will be released in 2016 in early November.

Long Jacket, ¥85,000 (The Shepard Undercover / UNDERCOVER) 


03: MA-1


The Fragment Design collaboration item was overseen by Hiroshi Fujiwara. Based on the Alpha M-A1 jacket, the design has been made reversible and lined with stripped cupra fabric. In addition the stripped fabric is being evolved into a shirt. In addition the left sleeve has been switched to leather, and each logo attached in different places they have been arranged and added to cuffs. There are three different colours of Khaki, black, navy. It will be released in 2016 in early November.

MA-1, ¥82,000 (The Shepard Undercover x Fragment Design x Alpha / UNDERCOVER) 


04: Down Blouson


Quilted Down Blouson. Sleeves use wool and cotton laid in place, secured for warmth. It closes using a double snap button spec. The William Blake poem “the Shepherd” is printed inside and sheep emblem is embroidered on the chest.

Down Jacket, ¥72,000 (The Shepard Undercover / UNDERCOVER) 


05: Bondage Pants


Bondage pants are made in collaboration with Fragment design. A described above, the shape The Shepherd is intended to take is “clothes I would wear now”, and with pants are also reminiscent of his old AFFA days it can be safely said they’re the one item of clothing that could be worn right now.

Pants, ¥42,000 (The Shepard Undercover x Fragment Design / UNDERCOVER) 


06: Crewneck Sweater


100% cashmere crew neck sweater. The simple design not only features the sheep emblem decorated on the chest but lines seen when cuffs are turned back have been added with a casual playfulness. It comes in four colours of grey, navy, wine red and caramel.

Knitwear, ¥48,000 (The Shepard Undercover / UNDERCOVER) 


07: Leather Sneakers


Leather sneakers once released by Undercover have now reemerged as The Shepherd version. “Balance Chaos”, the familiar Undercover phrase has been boldly printed on both sides of the upper, with the insole and heel decorated by the words of “the Shepherd”. They come in four colours of Black, white, navy and grey. A quilted show bag is also included.

Sneaker, ¥36,000 (The Shepard Undercover / UNDERCOVER) 


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