Recently I’ve been quite obsessed with Oris Watches. Particularly, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five. In my opinion, it stands out from the crowd without looking overly ostentatious. It’s a perfect balance of function, luxury and style.

最近、Orisの時計、特にOris Divers Sixty-Fiveに注目していました。機能とラグジュアリー、そしてスタイルの完璧なバランスが、過度に目立つことなく主張していると思います。

Oris is a Swiss watch company founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian at Hölstein in 1904. As of 2012, they did about $54 million in revenue. In contrast, Rolex did $4.7 billion this year. So Oris is quite small and independent.

Orisは、1904年にスイスでPaul CattinとGeorges Christianが創立し、2012年には約5400万ドルの利益をあげています。Rolexの利益が今年47億ドルだったことから見れば、Orisがインディペンデントなメーカーだということがわかると思います。

So I finally decided to purchase the watch, and then disappointingly returned it immediately. It just didn’t fit my wrist properly. The NATO style strap is extremely thick and strong—which from a durability standpoint is great, but from a comfort standpoint, not great. It sort of has the holes in the wrong place also—at least for me. In addition, there is an interior label they sewed onto the strap that itched my wrist considerably. (SO ANNOYING). But I love everything else about the timepiece.


FYI: I bought it from Jomashop for a great deal (about 25% below MRSP) and they were great about accepting the refund as well. If you have a better shaped wrist than me, maybe you can enjoy this watch and I can live vicariously through you.


Oris Divers Sixty-Five: Hands-On Review [01 733 7707 4064-07 5 20 22]

Oris Divers Sixty-Five: Hands-On Review [01 733 7707 4064-07 5 20 22]