“Goro’s and I”, Hiroshi Fujiwara in conversation.

“I knew about Goro’s when I came to Tokyo, but first thought it was just about American Indian jewelry. I was so impressed by the gorgeous bracelet Chika Sato (ex Plastics / Melon) was wearing I actually went to the shop. It guess it was around ’82. The first thing I bought was a leather bracelet. Back then Goro was still working in the shop and when I bought something he’d engrave it to mark the occasion. I loved Goro’s chain and bought that as well. It’s big, well worn, and has a unique quality to it. I thought about adding a feather to the chain, and remember trying it in every way possible together with Jun, the son of Goro who had passed away by then, and wondered how best to attach the feather to it. Everybody wore feathers with a leather strap back then, and don’t think many people were wearing feathers on a chain.
There has never been a place as steady as Goro’s. Things made for a long time remain unchanged, and have not been put together just to be popular either. Even though fans change, Goro’s itself has continued making the same thing, and won’t consciously make something new even if worn by some celebrity, for example. The presence and identity in a place like Goro’s is unlike a so-called ‘fashion brand’. There are other jewelry brands that I like but, as with everything, the number of them has gone up over time, picking up on what’s in vogue. However, the big appeal of Goro’s is that it never does that sort of thing.
Accessories of this kind are usually good paired with a Western-style shirt, but in a good sense, Goro’s was born for Gap and even looks good paired with simple knitwear and an Oxford shirt.
Friends abroad often ask about Goro’s, but as expected, they also know that its jewelry is special, different from the other Indian jewelry, and everybody recognizes Goro’s originality.
I’m not interested in Indian jewelry so much and just like Goro’s. Although I’m not that into old jewelry made by Native American people I think people are attracted to the distinctive elegance that Goro’s has, such as the combination of silver and gold”