Tailor Shop

This was actually the second time I was using Levi’s ‘Tailor Shop’, as mentioned the other day.

I want to show a model that was custom-made about three years ago for someone.

The concept is ‘Souvenir Jeans’.

Put simply, the approach is “maybe it is interesting to make jeans similar to a ‘Sukajan’ jacket.”

The basic model is the 501ZXX made in 1954 after the Second World War, when ‘Sukajan’ were originally born.

I wondered will they be successful if the exaggerated sense of ’50s culture is on the edge of being in poor taste? Regardless, I gave it a go.

They ended up looking like this.
What do you think?

As requested the embroidery looks intentionally childlike but has turned out really well.
I think they’re more wearable now than when they were just an idea.